Developing Your Intuition…Learning to Access Universal Knowledge


WE ALL HAVE THE SENSE OF INTUITION…Learn to Develop Yours and Access Universal Knowledge Humans, as well as animals, have a sense of intuition and the ability to communicate telepathically.   As people we have not been encouraged, and perhaps discouraged, in developing our “sixth sense.”   Dowsing, whether with a pendulum, your body, or other devices, is a way of physically manifesting what you already know.  There are several theories concerning how dowsing works.  All point toward dowsing being a way to amplify and clarify intuition.   And learning to dowse can help develop your intuitive abilities.    The scientific one uses the analogy of radio waves or radar, where the dowser sends out some form of energy which interacts with the object or answer being sought.   A corresponding wave is sent back and sensed by the dowser, causing the pendulum or other dousing device or method to react.   The spiritual theory is that with intent the dowser can connect with the Akashic Records, where every thought, act, feeling, is recorded.  Since we are part of the consciousness of all minds, we can access this cosmic consciousness. Join me in learning to align and program a pendulum, access your intuition in a measurable way, learn to use your body to “know:, and to use a scale for more precise answers beyond “yes” and “no.”  Dowsing is wonderful for learning to trust your intuition! $30 advance registration; $35 payment at the door day of workshop.   Email or call (520) 245-4214 with questions.

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Reiki Circles are open to all and provide a wonderful opportunity for people to learn about Reiki, participate in a meditation, receive an abbreviated seated Reiki session, and for practitioners to give sessions. These are held on the: Second Thursday of every month at Bookmans, 1930 E. Grant Rd. Tucson, AZ 85719 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Third Friday of every month at Spirits Child, SE corner of River/Thornydale and Orange Grove 5:30 – 7:00 pm

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I teach all levels of Reiki (Level I, II, Advanced Practitioner Symbols, Reiki Master, Master Teacher) and am certified by NCBTMB to provide CE hours.

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