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What is Reiki?


Judy Ferrig, M.S., Reiki Master/Teacher

Reiki is well known in the medical community for its therapeutic benefits.  In fact, I’m involved with a program at UAMC where patients regularly receive Reiki treatments.     A Reiki session done by a Reiki Master usually lasts about 45 minutes in length.    Reiki is a currently known as Japanese energy technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing and well being.   Benefits of a Reiki treatment can be as simple as helping you relax, sleep better, or feel less of life’s aches and pains.  It  can also be an important component of healing of serious illness and disease.   Reiki practitioners have developed the ability to channel healing energy and transfer this energy to others.  They do not use their own energy.  The energy flows to re-create energy balance on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.   Reiki practitioners lightly place their hands on the energy areas of their client or may work several inches above the body…and advanced practitioners can send energy across long distances.

First some background…Reiki has a long history.   There are  records from the Bon monks in Tibet  thousands of years old that tell of an ability to heal the body.   There are some theologians who believe that healings written about in the Christian bible may have been a form of Reiki healing as well.   Reiki is non-denominational.

Reiki is a combination of Japanese words.   Rei means universal, and this has been interpreted to mean the wisdom that comes from God, the Universe, or one’s Higher Self.  This universal wisdom has the ability to heal each of us in a way that is just right for the individual.  Ki is Japanese for Life Force.   Other names for this energy are Chi in Chinese, Prana in Sanskrit/Yoga practice, and Mana in Hawaiian.  This is the animating force behind all creation.   Scientists have called it odic force, orgone, and bioplasma.   So it’s not just “woo woo”; Reiki has scientific recognition.

How does Reiki heal?   Quantum Physics has verified what the mystics have known for centuries.   The basis for all life form is energy, which some call Life Force.   It flows through the physical body along pathways called meridians and chakras.   If you have ever had acupuncture or acupressure, then you are familiar with this series of pathways and connectors.  If Life Force is present in sufficient quantity, the body is healthy.   If the life force is diminished or blocked in some way, the function of the body is diminished and illness and disease can result.    Thoughts and emotions are also a form of energy, and negative energy can disrupt the flow of life force, causing physical symptoms to manifest.  Some believe that there are energy fields around our bodies, called auras.   The energy of negative thought and emotion can be held in the aura, and it is thought much disease originates first in this energetic field.  Dr. Nancy Clark, a well known international speaker and medical intuitive, states, “It is now an accepted fact that humans are electromagnetic beings. As such, the best possible modality for healing is energy.  All illness results from the lowering of body frequencies below that necessary to maintain homeostasis. By raising the frequencies and aligning the various bodies, all the fields come into coherence.”  And anissue of “Radiology” magazine described the benefits to patients of Reiki sessions in an east coast hospital where studies have been done.  There are many studies done using Reiki at the University of Arizona in the integrative medicine school as well.

Reiki heals on all levels—the body, mind, and spirit.  Reiki energy can clear blockages, dispel negative energy, and balance the individual on all three levels.  This allows life force to flow in a natural and healthy way.   As a result, you may heal more quickly or in fact not contract a disease at all.  There is a belief that physical ailments begin in the auric level and so Reiki can be both healing energetically and preventative on a physical level.   In releasing stress and tension, Reiki helps our immune systems can function more effectively.   Reiki can help in dealing with counterproductive habits and addictions.   It has aided many individuals in weight loss, obsessive/compulsive behaviors, in managing anger and anxiety, and sometimes reduces the need for medication.    Reiki has been proven effective in controlling the harmful side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, reducing the time needed to recover.  The Reiki practitioner does not decide what is necessary for healing.   What energy comes through the healer, how it is used, and where it is used in the body is decided by whatever higher power it is your belief system recognizes.     While you may ask that I focus, for example, on a painful right knee, I always ask the universe to heal the knee or whatever else is in your highest good.

An article on “Drug Free Remedies” in the January/February 2009 issue of the AARP magazine  ranks energy treatments and visualizations that have been scientifically documented to ease chronic pain when drugs do not.   Reiki was rated highest.  The article recommends a comprehensive “bio-psycho-social approach”, and Reiki and other energy work I do is just this.

Reiki Hand Positions 

There are fifteen positions for hand placement when doing Reiki on the physical level.  (Reiki can also be done on the level of the aura.   There are four head and shoulder positions on the front, four mid body front positions, three feet and ankle positions, and four shoulder and back positions.   Reiki can also be done in a seated position or in a wheelchair.

 Learning Reiki for Yourself 

I teach all levels of Reiki including Master/Teacher and am accredited by the National Certification Board for Massage Therapy and Body Work and offer CE hours for study with me.

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