JUDY FERRIG, M.S., Reiki Master Teacher

Energy Healing for People and Animals

My background includes decades of corporate work, and in the ‘80’s getting a master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science seemed the next thing for me to do to keep climbing that ladder. The Universe had something else in store for me, though, because an elective part of that program led me to study with Angeles Arrien, a cultural anthropologist, who awakened an interest in indigenous cultures. And that resulted in my choosing to move to Tucson and learn more, much more, about native wisdom. 

I’ve studied a wide variety of energy healing methods over the years including dowsing, alien influences (yes, in Sedona), crystals, oils and flower essences, color, meditation, journeying, past life regression, belief systems, akashic records, cording, chakras, auras, and sound to name some. It was my horse and some unusual behaviors, however, who led me into both animal communication and Reiki healing and what has been an incredibly rich and powerful journey. 

Reiki is a commonly mentioned modality, but often it’s ancient origins (with the Bon monks in Tibet over 16,000 years ago) and it’s measurable results are not nearly as widely known as its name. Reiki has greatly enriched my understanding of life, karma, and death through my work at the University of Arizona Medical Center where I work under a contracted program with seriously ill patients. The results I have witnessed, the feedback from patients, and observation of actual vital sign movement are proof positive that Reiki has an immediate and positive impact. And there are a growing number of medical studies that show statistically significant results from Reiki in healing. Did you know that while doing Reiki the practitioners brain waves change? They go down to the same level as that of someone in an altered state of consciousness. And the energy frequency of Reiki practitioners falls in the same range as that recently approved by the FDA in medical treatment for use in healing tissue, ligament, and bone.

Not only do people experience immediate relief, but animals do as well. I have years of experience working with abused, abandoned, and ill animals at Hope Animal Shelter and have seen how readily animals not only accept but welcome Reiki energy. The use of Reiki energy on sets of acupressure points has helped my client’s animals as well in dealing with issues behind behavior problems including fear, aggression, and anxiety as well as life issues such as grief.

It is very rewarding to me to see the medical and veterinary communities opening to the use of Reiki as an integrative medicine practice. We are so fortunate to have the school of Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, and I have had the honor of meeting with a number of young doctors who want to experience and learn about Reiki for themselves and future patients.