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Group Classes

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Group Classes

Group Classes


Akashic Records – Learn from other lives. Dissolve energies affecting this life from those past, clear physical symptoms and limitations, understand relationships, free yourself from entanglements.

Animal Communication and Healing and Behavior Modification – Clear non-beneficial energies from your animals, promote wellness and behavior modification, enhance communication.

Aura Clearing and Protection – Remove non-beneficial energies, stemming from life’s encounters, from your auric field that clog your system and can manifest in illness and disease.

Belief Systems - Energies we hold, often embedded in our DNA, that powerfully determine what we can create, change, and achieve. As you release counterproductive lower-frequency emotions that are disabling, you will experience the joy and lightness that come from the highest frequency, that of love.

Chakra Clearing and Alignment – Clear non-beneficial energies and balance and align the chakras. Connect to what is not yet manifest and to soul’s purpose through chakras 0 and 8. 

Manifesting What You Want - Enlist the energies of the universe to bring into your life what you DO want. You will learn how to create a clear and compelling vision, neutralize any counterproductive vibrations you are holding, and take important steps to bring your goals into your life.

Past Life Regression – Travel back in time to connect with major life events that shaped your path and learn to integrate those learnings to avoid unnecessary re-living of what no longer serves you.

Purpose – Become clear on what it is you are here to learn and how to bring into your life what is in your highest good. You will develop a greater sense of belonging and connection as a result and experience the greater ease that comes from being on your karmic path.

Reiki – I offer Reiki healing sessions, as well as Reiki training for all levels through Teacher

Renegotiating Soul’s Contracts – Change beliefs and agreements we made in this or past lives and free yourself from limiting contracts that no longer serve your highest good and what you desire. 

Space Clearing - Non-beneficial and noxious energies can attach themselves to our beings as well as permeate our space.  Clearing space is highly beneficial to health and well being.

Transforming Fear – Free yourself from fears and open to life. By learning to accept and release and to love all aspects of self, you will experience joy, and peace.

Transmuting Karma-- Karma is something we have chosen in our life to help us grow, rather than something to be seen as punishment. We now have the energetic ability to raise our frequency and transmute karma much more easily than in past lives. 

Visioning and Manifesting –   Create a vision to attract what you want and engage the energies of the universe in helping you do so. Multiply the power of affirmations and clear barriers.